Since 2007, the Talulah association organizes workshops, meeting and film festival with the collaboration of our partners. We create opportunities of networking regarding cinema, nature, wonderful and digital technology. We also promote access to culture for all. We are empowering filmmakers, producers, artists. 


It is true that organizing a festival nowadays is not a real challenge, and it is also a fantastic adventure that we live and breathe every day with our partners and that we would like to share with you.


Creation is freedom! Creation gives the freedom of experimentation, innovation, regeneration, sharing and diversity. With the support of our partners and the help of the volunteers, we have been successfully over the years overcoming the obstacles by using a pinch of tricks.


We are (consequently) looking for partners who, like all our partners, are welcoming and respectful of the association's values


Would you like to part of the adventure with us? Are you interested in writing with us the next chapters of the Festival du Film Merveilleux ?


Contact us via email: and


The Talulah association is a French non-profit organisation governed by the law of 1901 and authorized to issue income tax receipts that can be claimed to tax relief ( in France )