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festival de cannes projection invitation screening




During next Cannes film festival, Please join us for a special screening at Eden Hotel,  133 rue d'antibe 06400 Cannes.

May 16th at 1-3pm ( screening panel ( digital lanscape in Cannes, networking session ). 

100% Cannes 100% Festival event !  

Programmation schedule / Horaire projection Hotel eden : 


Trailer Du 6eme Festival du film Merveilleux & Imaginaire 2015 : 1'30


Artificio conceal directd by Ayoub Qanir 

Timing : 18'

Production : Transient film

Country: USA

Story : Artificio Conceal is the story of a man who awakens in an Interpol interrogation room to find his mind 'hacked', his memories replaced and his identity lost. As the engineer of the world's most precise Quantum Logic clock, he must discover who hacked his nervous system and stole the device responsible for time itself. His quest to identify the perpetrator leads him through time and space to a thrilling conclusion that even he could never have envisaged.

Synopsis FR : L'histoire d'un homme qui se réveille dans une pièce d'interrogation d'Interpol pour s'apercevoir que son esprit a été "hacké")', ses souvenirs remplacés et son identité perdue.


Musical Career directed by Zahra A Mohammadi 

Timing : 3'26

Production : Auto-production

Country : Iran

Story; Story is about a little girl who fancies to play a piano and her efforts to do it but finally she understands that she doesn`t feel like playing the piano anymore.

Synopsis : L'histoire  d'une petite fille imaginant et essayant de jouer un piano. 
Histoire principale par Shel Silverstein  et Storyboard par  Zahra Mohammadi


Sintel de Colin Levy 

Durée: 14 minutes
Production: Blender Foundation
Pays de production: Pays-Bas

Story : The film follows a girl named Sintel who is searching for a baby dragon she calls Scales. A flashback reveals that Sintel found Scales with its wing injured and helped care for it, forming a close bond with it. By the time its wing recovered and it was able to fly, Scales was caught by an adult dragon. Sintel has since embarked on a quest to rescue Scales, fending off beasts and warriors along the way. She eventually comes across a cave housing an adult and baby dragon, the latter of which she believes to be Scales. The adult dragon discovers and attacks Sintel, but hesitates to kill her. Sintel slays the dragon, only to recognize the scar on its wing and realize the dragon is an adult Scales, and that she too has aged considerably. Sintel leaves the cave heartbroken, unknowingly followed by Scales's baby.
Synopsis: Sintel, une jeune femme solitaire, vient au secours d'un petit dragon avec qui elle se lie d'amitié et qu'elle nomme Scales. Un jour, Scales se fait enlever par un dragon adulte, plongeant Sintel dans un grand désarroi. Elle décide alors de tout faire pour le retrouver et se lance dans une périlleuse aventure. Parviendra t’elle à retrouver son fidèle compagnon ?


Lila de Carlos Lascano

Durée : 9 minutes

Production : Dreamlife studio

Country  : Espagne / Argentine

Story: Lila is a dreamy girl who can't resign to accept reality as flat as she perceives it, hence she uses her imagination and her skills to modify it.

Synopsis : Lila est une jeune fille rêveuse qui ne se contente pas d'accepter la réalité comme plat comme il semble, mais utilise son imagination et ses compétences pour modifier et améliorer.