Le portail de Liam Engle

2010 - France - 14'45" - Black bird productions

Alexis is a secretive and uncommunicative boy who has just entered college. He has difficulties integrating in the social scene and gets used to playing hooky to go alone into the forest that adjoins the city. In spite of all his mother's efforts to try to understand him, Alexis cannot refrain from returning again and again to the forest, as if he had found deep in the woods something that fascinates him.

Fard de David Alapont et Luis Briceno

2009 - France - 12'55" - Metronomic

In a near future, the world seems to work in a effective and checked way.

Salut Peter écrit par Jean vocat réalisé par Jules Thénier

2008 - France - 11'20" AQRM production

Abandoned a long time ago by her darling Peter Pan, who went off with lovely Wendy, Tinkerbell drowns her sorrow in a dark bar on Earth.  Tirelessly, she dwells on her memories, to the great displeasure of James, the barman.  But this evening, things take a different turn: Peter arrives and suggests that Tinkerbell come with him to the imaginary kingdom.

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Raging Ball de Nicolas Duval

2007 - France - 10' - Padma production

A secret room in the depths of a gambling den.  The final of a clandestine table football tournament.  Two gladiators in the arena: Noodle and La Bestia.   Delusional balls and unusual playing techniques. No rules. Only one winner.

Homeland de Juan de Dios Marfil Atienza

2008 - République Tcheque - 6' - FAMU

The impossible task of a grandmother who is trying to knit a pullover for a strange creature who keeps on growing new arms.

Salut Peter de Jules Thénier

2008 - France - 11"20' - AQRM production

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