Second seuil de Loïc Nicoloff

2010 - FRANCE - 19' 24 - Tita productions

Unhappy with forever mourning his past life, Pierre falls in a world at the border of ours, chased by a mute man with a permanently blissful smile.

A shadow of bleu de Carlos Lascano

2011 -  FRANCE ESPAGNE - 13' -Dreamlife Studio, Les Films du Cygne

One autumn, in the central park of a gloomy city. In a fragile world of shadows and light trapped between reality and fantasy, a young girl upon a lonely park bench shares with us several visions of one reality.

Flejos y reflejos de Robertos Lopez

2011 -  ESPAGNE  - 16' - Scandale Films SL

The truth on the other side of the mirror, or the history of Alberto who lost his reflection.

Demain c'est la fin du monde de Quentin Reynaud et Arthur Delaire

 2011 - FRANCE - 12'02 - magali films

Tomorrow is the end of the world. Outside, chaos reigns. Frank, a radio personality, will continue to broadcast until the last moment, whatever may come. On the receiving end, Frank's listeners are comforted in the midst of crisis. The hours pass, the tension rises and the end of the world approaches, inevitably. It's time. Frank looks through the window. A great crash erupts.

Hasaki ya suda de Cedric Ido

2011 - FRANCE - 24'30" - DACP films

It is 2100. In the world engulfed in chaos and war whose residents are consumed by terrible hunger, the last fertile land becomes the subject of fierce battles. Three warriors: noble Wurubenba, Shandaru, who wants to avenge his father's death, and Kapkaru, hungry for power, will face one another in a fight for life and death.

Citrouille et vieille dentelles de Juliette Loubières

2010 - FRANCE CANADA - 9" - JPL Films / ONF / Les Trois Ours

An advertisement photographer is forced to visit a retirement home for a good “grandpa's head” for a poster. The old boarders, who believe they are participating in a big movie casting, are very quickly going to take him by surprise: brambles, huge pumpkins, snow and the other improper demonstrations invade the house. The photographer understands little by little that these retired people are only expressing their heroic roles from old and forgotten fairy tales.

L'enclume de de Thierry Nevez

2011 - FRANCE - 14' 49" - Affreux, Sales & Méchants 

A little boy, on the evening of his tenth birthday, receives an anvil from his parents and never parts from it. This cumbersome present makes his life particularly difficult and prevents him doing what he wants, including approaching the one that he loves. But we are in a tale, and in a tale, everybody is entitled to a second chance.

Fabrica de Munecas de Ainho Menendez Goyoaga

2011 - ESPAGNE - 11"02' - Dolls factory

Anna travaille dans une usine de poupée Sa vie entière tourne autour de l'exécution de

mouvements mécaniques de leur fabrication. Mais un petit changement à son travail a changé sa vie pour toujours. 

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