With our new programme, Movies Around the World, the Festival du Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire will travel to offer children all around the world the see preview showings of films. From Perth to London, as well as New York City, the children will be able to see the films and vote for their favourite. The viewings will also be an opportunity for us to invite  film makers to speak about their work with the young spectators.



The different story Telling workshops and film screenings aim to facilitate access to culture, cinema and to raise awareness of the environment.


The activities are free of charge and are directed to different members of the public (intergenerational, children with illnesses and disabilities, amongst others). These children come from different social backgrounds. We encourage different members of the public to join.


In this upcoming festival we will be working with  L’Association Kid It and Coglab (Coglab Junior). The film screenings will be followed by science and neuroscience workshops.