Festival de Cannes, Invitations for Cocktail du Merveilleux Bodvar reception

Ask your invitations to come Join us Saturday 20th at 5pm for our annual Cocktail du merveilleux to celebrate magic and wonder.

Meet with producers, filmmakers, screenwriters, and also Virtual reality producer, innovation project leader from cannes digital programs.

Big Thank to our magical and wonderful Cannes Godfather Bodvar to make the cocktail du merveilleux possible. <3

About our friend Bodvar ;

Bodvár N°1 is produced by harvest grown on The soils of the du Mas Rouge. The soil is by old alluvium and limestone gravel and the vines are surrounded by very old oaks and herbs (such as thyme and rosemary. Le Domaine du Mas Rouge is a traditional Mediterranean vineyard who is enjoying exceptional sunshine almost all year round (over 300 days per year) with very low rainfall. The vegetation is mature and enhanced by breezy winds from the sea and the north winds from the mountain of Gardiole. Le Domaine du Mas Rouge is located close to Aresquiers Vic Gardiole and less than a kilometer from the sea between Sete and Montpellier. Since 1997, the Domaine has been under constant updates. The buil - dings has been under several renovations and the winery were under a major restoration in 2002, where the traditional vinery was integrated with the most modern technical equipments...

visit Bodvar house of rosé website

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