Who is Clap & zap ? Cannes Film Festival 2017

A French 360 content creation and immersive VR experience company offers its services to many types of clients for the commercial part: (from the digital marketing, tourism and real estate industries) and original films for arriving content platforms.

Established strategic partnerships with very complementary companies, working on

sound in VR, VR visual effects, VR web players, and augmented reality which enables the company to manage big and complex projects including on different types of innovative media.

The first French production company to make an immersive 360 stereoscopic film (in partnership with Holodia and Panocam 3D in 2015), which has enabled it to gain great expertise in terms of technology, but also in terms of how to use the produced content and how to maximise client impact.

You can meet them while in cannes, pretty sure you will be able to meet them at Viva technology

read more on their website

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