What's Next for Cannes digital ?

Yesterday, cocktail du Merveilleux at St Petersburg clearwater film commission was again a success. Friends of the festival had the change to drink a glass of Rosé Bodvar

thank to the amazing of blog de cannes to cover the event :) Special bug thank you to Hugo

dont firget Monday at 2pm Digital landscape in cannes VR focus and women empowerment at Maison des scénariste ( Thank again to maud clavier for the amazing energy and make it happen )

Come meet Benedicte Cynthia and Maud !

#cannesdifital #canneslions #cannesinnovation #festivaldecannespanel #festivaldecannesrosé #bodvar #cocktialdumerveilleuxcannes #cannesfilmfestivalevents #sucesscannes #cannesmentoring #cannesfestivalamazing #blogdecannes

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