Festival de Cannes 2018 : VR, Digital Marketing, Consulting

Cannes digital Mentoring provides orientation and networking events tips on where to find cocktail invitations, Cannes movies parties, networking event and workshops for filmmakers from shorts film corner, festival badges and producer with market badges.

Cannes digital 2018 organize a private dinner party for Team & friends stay tuned !

Benedicte Beaugeois ( director of Festival du film Merveilleux ) will attend The Festival de Cannes 2018 with the festival du film merveilleux and will focus on consulting for Filmmakers, producers and actors with Kannbee ( Digital Marketing, Storytelling for business & content strategy ). See details here

For the past 10 years, she has been training & coaching 1000 of professionals & she has been managing the festival du film Merveilleux, magical workshop & events for kids.

References : Women In Entertainment France, Rep of Dyslexia International at UNESCO, Médiathèque de cannes, Weekend tout court, Festival du film Merveilleux, kaleidoscope Merveilleux, Cannes digital, independent production companies, filmmakers, movies student and actors.

Scott Marshall ( Bamdsound VR ) will focus on VR producing & Immersive content creative.

For the past four years Scott has re-focused his creative agencies producing talents into Virtual Reality & immersive Productions.

Scott will be in Cannes to connect with Film makers, Producers & Companies looking to explore and work in these exciting new mediums, as well as to grow BCVR’s footprint in immersive story telling & Film.

See details here

Helen Alexis Yonov

Since 1998, Helen Alexis Yonov has worked in the film industry in Boston, Los Angeles, and Paris. She is an award-winning filmmaker and commercial director. Her experiences span across different areas such as writing, directing, and producing.

She is happy to mentor “emerging” filmmakers on their portfolio development.

See details here

Cannes mentoring program are individual session for professional with badges only.

Feel free to contact us for more informations and to register here : https://fairybene.typeform.com/to/hHUAKN

You want to be a mentor ? contact us at contact@festival-film-merveilleux.com

Festival de Cannes 2018 let's the party begin !

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